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WIŚNIOWSKI panels are a system solution that guarantees comprehensive protection of the area. The offer for individual construction and industry includes both modern steel, profile and panel fences. They are characterized by solidity, quality and durability, not without elegance and style. The comprehensive WIŚNIOWSKI offer makes it much easier to close a facility and shows care for its safety and appearance.
Ogrodzenie - Siatka panelowa detal
Ogrodzenie - Siatka panelowa - przykład połączenia ze słupkiem gabionowym


Our offer includes all the accessories necessary for the installation of the fence. These are:
  • posts
  • clamps
  • supports for the foundation
  • Foundation

    Our offer includes prefabricated foundations and concrete connectors. Due to the fact that they are ready-made elements that can be easily assembled together, you can quickly and cheaply erect the base of a mesh or panel fence. Concrete boards are available in several dimensions and heights. The connectors are suitable for both round and square posts.
    Ogrodzenie - Siatka panelowa - przykład ogrodzenia na nierównym terenie
    Ogrodzenie - Monter ogrodzenia


    Foresta’s assembly groups guarantee the performance of the service at a high level at a favorable price. Assemblies are carried out in an efficient and competent manner.