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VERDENA is a discreet elegance in an accessible form. Horizontal blinds made of a wide profile or bent steel are perfect for insulation against the outside world, and the light form makes it a perfect solution for people looking to complement the perfect form of their modern home. Thanks to galvanized profiles and perfect surface protection, it is resistant to weather conditions and requires no maintenance. The unlimited choice of colors provides great possibilities for the arrangement of the fence.
Ogrodzenie typu Verdena

Sliding gate

Running rail


Architectural concrete


Modern design requires the use of the highest quality materials. Thanks to it, you get a fence that is resistant to all weather conditions and looks remarkable.


Powder coating is a permanent way to protect the material. Now, thanks to the new technology, you can have a beautiful fence in any color from the RAL palette


Thanks to a wide range of accessories, you will create a unique fence that will distinguish your home. Add a multifunctional fence post with space for a letterbox, intercom or property number highlighted. You can also add a garbage canopy, a pergola or a gate roof.

ogrodzenie typu Verdena
Choose a practical and timeless handle or replace it with a modern knob, or surprise everyone with an effective antaba – pull handle. You can also consider how to secure access to the property and choose an insert with a set of keys or provide access using a fingerprint reader or RFID key fobs. This seemingly small element gives a lot of configuration options and complements your perfect fence.


Ogrodzenie typu Wood Extend
Ogrodzenie typu Wood Extend


The orderly space in the wicket zone gives the final touch. Thanks to the multifunctional fence post, you will aesthetically hide the letterbox and the pressbox, perfectly integrate your designer intercom or video intercom, emphasize your style by adding the marking of the property. The entire design will of course be made in accordance with your vision and expectations. Thanks to the large variety of models, the post will perfectly match your fence, and the only thing you have to do is to admire the perfect final result.

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Durability and elaborated in details electronics of Tousek’s and Somfy’s drives ensure trouble-free operation. Regardless of whether you choose a sliding or tilting gate, the drive will make your life more comfortable.